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As someone who used to be both severely overweight and a performing a musician, I can attest to the fact that the leaner and fitter I became, the better my performances got. Not only did I actually perform better, I had more energy, and more importantly, I was healthier, less susceptible to illness, and more consistent in my performances.

I wish I would have recognised the link between my health and fitness and my weight and my ability to perform on stage sooner.

Wait, I guess I should probably clarify that.

My Performances were Suffering

At a certain point, it was clear why my performance was suffering, but I refused to acknowledge it.


Because I felt that the only way to address it would involve a lot of hardship and the end of a lot of the things I always associated with performing…

… late night meals, and plenty of beverages of an alcoholic nature.

In other words… “fun.”

Not As Bad as I Thought

Part of the problem, of course, was that what I knew about health and fitness pretty much came down to what I read in those shitty tabloid magazines I sometimes grabbed at the grocery store. In other words, I didn’t know shit about losing weight and assumed that in order to do so I had to exercise a million hours a day and drink kale smoothies or some other equally vile concoction.

The truth, of course, is nowhere near to that.

A friend finally convinced me to see a friend of hers who was a semi-pro bodybuilder and nutrition counsellor (let’s call him “Rob”). Far from being a screaming control freak dungeon master like those trainers you see on those popular TV shows (*cough* The Biggest Loser *cough*), this guy was sympathetic, understanding, knowledgeable as hell, and most importantly…

… focused on a PRACTICAL approach.

He explained about how small, relatively inconsequential changes can have dramatic effects over time. He explained why knowing about the caloric value of the foods I ate and how many calories I actually needed was critical to success, and how “eating healthy” almost never equated to a caloric deficit.

He also shared some stunning information; exercise doesn’t actually help you lose much weight, but I should still do something – something I actually enjoyed – because of the other benefits it offers.

Fast Forward to a Year Later…

And I’m 25 pounds lighter.

And I’m rockin’ it.

Like, “kick-ass” rockin’ it. Big time.

The time must have been right, because for whatever reason, I made the decision almost immediately after meeting Rob to start doing things differently. Armed with the knowledge I gained from him, I begin my journey.

Walking the Dogs

I volunteered at the local humane society as a dog walker (I love dogs) and got active that way. I started making some small changes to my diet and eating habits, and as I began to see results and feel better and more motivated, I started making more dramatic changes. It was a slow process, but since it was do-able, and I was always making progress, easy to continue.

Used Some Supplements

I found some supplements really to be helpful too… like glutamine and chromium to suppress sugar cravings, and a high quality whey protein to boost the protein content of my diet and make delicious shakes easy and fast. Took some fat burners too – after reading some unbiased fat burner reviews at UltimateFatBurner.com – that really helped with my energy levels more than anything else. I maybe lost a few pounds with them, but mostly it was the artificial, caffeine-induced energy that I liked most.

You can learn more about the supplements I like by clicking here!

Staying Positive

Did I fail here and there? Of course.

And you will too.

The key is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on.

That’s what I did, and you can too. And now, that I’m a certified trainer, I can help you… click here to learn what I can do for you!